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Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions your purchases from our website are agreement between you and us (company name).  We encourage you to read these terms and conditions when you purchase items through our website.

We will send you invoice to your e-mail address to confirm your order.  This order confirmation will be used to proof of your purchase and customer service.  Therefore, please keep in mind register your correct e-mail address.

If you want to use promotion coupon, you should input your coupon codes while you are purchasing process.  It will not be accepted a coupon if you add it after purchase process. 

When every orders are shipped to deliver each customer, related import duties and taxes for each countries may be subjected and may be collected when the goods are reached your address.  It will be general collection and we cannot control those regulation, but we have to follow each countries custom law.

We will give 30days return period in order to avoid consumers dissatisfaction if original packaging  is broken during delivery, the item is not functionally working, or plating color is discoloured.  It must be returned us by post service with the same condition as you received.   If returning is not used by post service, you may pay shipping charge to return.   After received and checked it by our inspection team, it was damaged during delivery to you, we will contact you for compensation.

We will offer you two years from the date of purchase as warranty.  During this period, manufacturing defective will be covered functional problems such as movement defective.  Claims of scratch, glass broken or case plating will be accepted only if you claim us when you received packages from us.  Once you used it and such problems will be out of warranty.  If you have those problem, please contact us kindly.  Our customer service will advise you how to fix it around your region or we may ask you to send back to us.   We will provide services immediately for warranty period items, we, however, may charge you if damages caused not by us even though it is under warranty period; by improper or careless use, your own attempted modification, change appearance by wearing such as scratch, decoloring.  Also you fail to provide your purchase date, we regret not to do warranty services.  If we cannot provide the original parts, we may replace it with substitutes.  Battery replacement is not including warranty.

ISYONI has full right to change price, product information without notice.  Pictures and actual watches may not be the same because we cannot provide exact our resolution or color setting of computer or mobile devices as well as we may apply illustrations in order to avoid reflect on the products while we are shooting photos.

You can cancel purchases or return delivered goods within 30days from delivery date stamps.  You should contact our customer service by e-mail and apply it.  However, it should be return as unpacked condition with your cost and we will take a responsibility damages during return transportation.  If you want to cancel your order before we shipped, please request your cancellation by e-mail within 3 working days, otherwise, our system will go ahead your order and charge you.

We update our products regularly, but if your ordered items are out of stock at the moment you ordered, you have full right to cancel your order or change other alternative items.  In case, please contact our customer service.

Once you received goods, please check it carefully immediately whether it is damaged and correct as well as packaging condition during delivery transport.  In this case, please inform this to your delivery carrier.  If your items are not the same as you ordered, please contact us within 30days from the date of receiving.

ISYONI has intellectual property rights of trademark, copyright, all the material of website.  Any use of our related properties is not allowed without our permission.   Our website has social media contents.  We welcome users to contribute post their photos, images, wordings, and videos through our social media applications.  We do not have any responsibility of your contents of copyright or any other right if someone complain the content’s ownership.  Also, the contents are judges it contained any violation or harmful material, we have the right to remove immediately from our social media application.  If you find such a material from our application, please contact our customer service.

Our terms & conditions may change in case, this text is posted on 13 April in 2018.

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